Voting for Craftium helps the server and gives you rewards for doing so. You can vote on each of the following sites for 5 votes every day.

IMPORTANT: If you have never played in CRAFTIUM, please join the server BEFORE you vote, otherwise you'll not receive rewards!

Voting Rewards

You'll get a Vote Crate Fragment when you vote for us.

Using 3 fragments you can craft a Vote Crate Key for use in /warp crates.

Voting for the first time will give you $100.
If you vote on all five sites the same day, you'll get a 6th Vote Crate Fragment

Vote Streaks


Required votes: 35

- 1 Mega Crate Key


Required votes: 140

- 1 Mega Crate Key
- 1 Ultimate Crate Key

Vote Party

When 15 votes are reached, a Vote Party will start! Make sure to have enough space in your inventory to receive all rewards, ranging from Crate Keys to money and other items.