Here is a list of rules that we expect all players to follow when playing in Craftium. The subsequent rules must be followed anywhere in the Minecraft server.

Chat Rules

These rules also apply to books, signs and any other text input.

⮞ Spamming

You are not allowed to spam (send the same or similar message multiple times), flood (excessively spam the same character in a message) and overuse caps.​​

⮞ Advertising

You are not allowed to mention other servers and encourage players to join that server. This includes names, websites, IP Addresses, Discord servers, social media accounts and posts.​Also refrain from advertising your personal social media content.​

⮞ Language

We're an English-speaking server. While we welcome and accept all countries and cultures, please keep the chat conversation in English to allow everyone to understand the chat.​

⮞ Insults and cursing

We firmly believe in Freedom of Speech; however, we also believe that your freedom ends when you start to affect or attack other players.​Insulting and using offensive slurs towards other players is strictly prohibited. Please do not use excessive cursing.​

⮞ Discrimination

Everyone is different and each country and culture have their own properties; discrimination towards a certain attribute will be punished.​

⮞ Harassment and bullying

All players want to have a good time playing, therefore harassing other players and bullying them for any reason is completely banned. This includes threats.​

⮞ Sharing private personal information/Doxxing

We all like and deserve privacy; sharing, or threatening to share, any private personal information (e.g. phone numbers, home and work addresses, full name, relatives, etc.) of another player will result on a permanent blacklist.​

⮞ Inappropriate conversations

It is not allowed to talk about inappropriate topics, like: NSFW, and Adult Content (18+), drugs, Illegal content and other that may be considered inappropriate. This also includes suggestive conversations or references.​

⮞ Self-Harm

Encouraging other players to hurt themselves or any other persons, animals or living being is prohibited.​

⮞ Impersonation

Trying to look and act like another player to obtain benefits, mock, make fun of and lie is not allowed.​

⮞ Bypassing the chat filter

Bypassing, or attempting to bypass, the chat filter will result in a permanent mute. If there is an error or problem with the filter, please report it properly.​

⮞ Malicious content

Sending malicious content like IP Grabbers, malware, viruses, etc. is strictly banned.​

Game Rules

⮞ Glitches and Exploits

(Ab)using glitches and exploits to obtain an advantage, (e.g. duplicate items, crash other player's client, use an unprotected command, etc.) will result on a ban depending on the severity of the issue. Always report bugs and exploits in our Discord server.

⮞ Punishment Evasion

Using an alt account to bypass a punishment (blacklist, ban or mute) is against the rules, and will lead to both accounts getting permanently blacklisted, banned or muted (whatever applies), along with their IP. Using a proxy/VPN to evade an IP ban will also lead to serious consequences.​

⮞ IRL Purchases

Users found to be buying, selling or trading in-game money or items for IRL (real life) money, services or items, outside the official Craftium webstore, will be severely punished. We take no responsibility and will not take action (other than punishing both users for breaking this rule) about any deals that involve in-game items and IRL goodies outside of the official webstore.​

⮞ Usage of Mods and Cheats

Mods will be considered to be any modification to the original Minecraft: Java Edition client Mojang distributes via the official launcher. This includes but it is not limited to:​
Forge, Fabric, LiteLoader or Direct JAR-installed mods.
Data packs, Resource packs and Texture packs.
Modified and unofficial clients.
For a list of allowed and banned modifications please see this page. ​Cheat modifications that give advantage (e.g. Fly, Xray, God Mode, etc.) are completely disallowed.​

⮞ Rank Abuse

Abusing your rank (VIP, Staff, etc.) to give advantages to players that do not have the rank (e.g. using /repair to repair someone's items) is disallowed.​

⮞ Inappropriate Skins and Usernames

Skins and Usernames that are deemed as inappropriate (18+ content, racist, discriminatory, gore, etc.) will need to be changed to regain access to the server.​

⮞ Account sharing and security

You're responsible for the security of your Minecraft account. For maximum security please ensure you're using a Microsoft Account with a good password and have 2FA enabled. If we suspect an account has been compromised, we may take any necessary steps, including banning the account.​​ If you decide to share your account with someone, you'll be the only responsible for any of their actions and their consequences.​

⮞ Performance

The server's performance is a concern to everyone, to ensure the server is working on optimal conditions some limits to blocks, items and entities have been put in place, while other vanilla features have been tweaked or completely disabled. Attempts to bypass those limits will be punished.​​We may remove any buildings, completely or partially, without prior warning (we'll first try to contact you) if we detect it is hurting the server performance. The following buildings are completely forbidden and will be removed without warning:​
Lag machines
Redstone clocks that are always turned on (that do not have a lever to turn off)
Mob farms that use water and Redstone timers

⮞ Inappropriate Buildings

It is not allowed to build constructions that contain NSFW or Adult content.​

⮞ Use of Illegal Items

It is not allowed to use Illegally obtained items, like death potions, books with custom NBT tags, items that can crash the server or other player's client, etc.​

⮞ Attacks against the server infrastructure or services

If you are attacking or threatening to attack the server infrastructure (the Server itself) or any of its services (Webstore, Discord, etc.) you will be permanently blacklisted without option of unban.​

⮞ Right of Admission

We reserve the right to prevent anyone from playing in the server, regardless of whether a rule has been broken or not. We may or may not also provide a reason for the ban.​

⮞ Cases not covered by these rules

In the case that something isn't covered by these rules, Moderators will act in common sense and may apply punishments to unwritten rules.​ We reserve the right to update these rules at any time without prior warning.​